This was one of the posters I had designed for a multi-channel add assignment.  I chose to create an advert for Roots of Fight. This particular piece  was designed to be printed for a newspaper.

I decided to make a poster for the upcoming third season of stranger things.  At the time there wasn’t much to tell was going to happen story wise, so I decided to pick up with the elements of last season.  I originally wanted the poster to be read from either orientation, but the typeface used in the show sort of forced your perspective. I used an outline to highlight the menace of the Mind Flayer and how the gang were completely unprepared for this new foe.

I designed this infographic to help new lifters, specifically those adapting to the clay method of weightloss.  I started off by referencing the handshake scene from Predator.  The colours I chose from a favourite action figure of mine as a child. 

This was a spread for an assignment to make a magazine.  I chose to work with a fitness magazine, but took my visual inspiration from GQ.  I used the yellow boxed areas to store quick facts for those who wanted to skim the piece. I definitely wanted to make sure that it wasn’t gender specific so I added the second photo for balance. 

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